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Faith is an important part of Ugandan life and English is the language of education there. Reading materials are expensive and difficult to come by and out of the reach of most people. Some older children are able to cope with an adult bible but for younger children a simpler and much easier to understand version is required. An English Bible is a much prized resource and helps in the development of the child’s faith and improves their reading skills.


£5 - buys a Children’s  Bible

For some time now, we have supported a local women’s group in any way we can. During our visit in 2013 we found that this group had started to buy and rear chickens to give to other women in the local community. We think this is a great initiative and well worth supporting.


£10 - will help buy stock and feed for this venture











Family Hampers: £10

Code: 004 



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The film below gives examples from a previous years campaign


Daniel is a neighbour to our Clinic project in Luwero, Uganda and always has a smile on his face. He lives alone in a hut which is very small and lets in the rain. He has no money and struggles just to survive but even in his late seventies he is attempting to make his own bricks, in order to build a new small shelter. We would like to help him achieve his dream.


£20 - will add to the funds we have started towards our approximate £750 target.

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Help the Jaja: £20





English Bibles: £5                

Code: 001 




Poultry Offering: £5

Code: 002 



Go Bananas: £10

Code: 003 




We routinely hear about families that encounter difficulties and are struggling to get by. While we cannot always help with a permanent solution, it is good to be able to help out occasionally with some basic provisions.


£20 - will provide a number of grocery items and include some extra treats for the family.


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School children in Uganda are lucky in that they get a nutritional meal during the day, but it tends to lack variety. Whenever we can we try to add a treat to the children's food.


This requires us to purchase 1,000+ bananas from the local market.


£20 - will pay for around 300 bananas and produce many happy smiling faces.





There are a number of grandparents (Jaja’s) who are acting as sole carers for children. Life is a struggle enough in this poor community, so looking after children is all too often a burden beyond their capability. We help support some of these children but it is good to be able to have some extra funds available to help look after these older carers.


£20 - will help with our emergency fund to help in times of great need.



Daniel's House: £20

Code: 006