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Children Awaiting Sponsorship


These children are awaiting sponsorship - please help


£20 per month can dramatically improve the future for a child in Uganda









Child Name: Grace Makula

Child No: Luw 037                                Age: 4 yrs


Grace lives with her father Dutsan Semakula and mother Fiona Makula and four brothers and sisters. The father is jobless but volunteers to help with some Gilead projects in Luwero. The family would not afford school fees without sponsorship and it is one way we can reward the family for their help. Aparently she supports Manchester United!


Child Name: Kisaakye Nakasenge

Child No: Luw 038                             Age: 3 1/2 yrs


This is Kisaakye Nakasenge, he has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. His mother is Nansamba Rehema(house wife) who sometimes makes pancakes to sell and father Kiguli GodfreyKiguli is a peasant farmer as well as a local brick maker. The size of the family makes it impossible to pay school fees.