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'Luwero' Piggery Project

This project started almost by accident after we had raised some funds to buy livestock from our Christmas 'Gifts for Gilead' campaign of 2008. We purchased chickens, goats, pigs and even a cow. The piggery project then took off and continues to go from strength to strength.


Luwero Piggery Project Story; 

We have been running our 'Gifts for Gilead' present aid campaign since 2006 (see Gifts for Gilead 2010 page) and each year we try to introduce new ideas and items which help improve the health and wellbeing of the Luwero community.


The Christmas 2007 'Gifts for Gilead' campaign allowed us to purchase a number of  pigs during our team visit  to Luwero in February 2008. Some were given to local people as in the picture to the left. However, it was suggested that we could start a new pig project at the school in Luwero. We were a little apprehensive  about this but agreed on the basis that it would teach 'good practice' in the rearing of these animals to both, the children at the school, other schools and the local community.


We were being guided by Rommie (the Welfare Officer), who we trusted to oversee the project and we committed to provide sufficient financial support, for the project. It was important that we did not let this project fail, as that would reflect badly upon us as an organisation in the eyes of the community.


Our experience has shown that it is important to give the right levels of support to any project.  Once the support is in place local people can be empowered to take decisions and be accountable for them.  It is important to state that the mistake often made by donor organisations, is to focus too much on their own success, rather than a shared success, which often leads to misunderstandings and/or failure of a project.


In 2008, we started with three pigs and a small pig-pen, which has now grown to support more than forty pigs and reached the point of becoming self-sufficient during 2010



New stock get used to their new home and the kids help out

A woman inspects her 'piggy' gifts

Joseph tends to the youngsters

I don't wanna be a success story!!!

Piggery inc keepers house June 2011