Gilead Health Development Charity


The following are Gilead People in Uganda...... 

We very much depend upon the Ugandan community in order to function and rely upon the expertise, experience and knowledge of local people.


Here are the people who make Gilead work in Uganda


Mmama Robinah Lubwama -

A very well respected lady who heads a large organisation 'Ambassadors of Hope' based in Uganda and has oversight of all we do and advises and guides us on our projects and our people.

Innocent Sentongo - 

Sponsorship Officer responsible for the selection and administration of our 55+ sponsor children. Duties include paying school fees, letters to and from sponsors and welfare and health requests.


Rommie Muyanja -

Welfare Officer in Luwero for 'Ambassadors of Hope' and the Gilead representative at the 'African Outreach Academy' primary school, the site of our clinic and Community Hall project.

Christine Nakintu -

The Luwero Clinic nurse, who looks after 1,000+ children at the 'African Outreach Academy' primary school and people from the surrounding community. This is a very busy and demanding post.

Dr Gerald Kakooza -

Clinical Officer and doctor who has medical oversight of our clinic and the nurses activities and receives referrals when necessary. Gerald works at a state hospital and fits visits in with his work routine. 


Joseph Kalungi -

Looks after the Gilead Piggery and gardens, we now have more than 35 pigs and is practical way of teaching the local community how to successfully rear healthy animals. Self-sustaining since 2010 



Mary Muyanja -

Wife of Rommie and mother to Paul, Pafra, Pricilla, Praise and Paela. As well as making sure all visitors are well catered for, she leads a womens craft group supported through our 'Gifts for Gilead' fundraising.


Godfrey Kiguli -

Assistant to Joseph, Godfrey has completed his studies up to 'O' Level and is now working to help raise funds to enable him to continue further. He is a very quiet and respectful boy and is learning well from this experience as well as contributing to the project.