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Luwero Community Hall; (pictures in the photo gallery - Luwero Project)


We have funded a number of successful health seminars at the school and it is amazing to realise the importance of simple messages like, the washing of hands, the boiling of drinking water and safe sex messages that we take for granted in our culture.

The drawing above was commissioned in 2005 and the project began proper in 2007. The ground had to be cleared and fenced off before the building eventually started in late 2007. It is a long slow process as such a large building requires a lot of concrete and steel, both of which are very expensive. The roof stage has now been completed (Aug 2011) and the building has already hosted its first event (more pictures in the Photo Gallery - Luwero Project).


There is still much to do in order to complete this project, which still needs.....Doors, windows, lighting, toilets, plasterwork, flooring, painting, fencing and more!


Many events like the wedding just held, will help raise local funds to help support healthe education programmes in the future and support other local community initiatives.


The building was officially opened on Saturday 18th February 2012


For this story in pictures please go to the 'Photo Gallery' - Luwero Project.


As at January 2013 the windows and doors have been completed.

'Luwero' Community Hall

It became apparent that a much better way to improve the health and wellbeing of this poor rural community of Luwero, Uganda and a far more cost effective method, would be through health education. In order to facilitate this and make it self-sustainable, we opted for this ambitious plan to build a large (45M x 30M) Community Hall which, as well as becoming a teaching venue, will have commercial use which can generate income.